Australia's Laser Pointer Ban Isn't Working Very Well | Motherboard

September 3, 2014

How Lasers, Radar, and Local Economies Are Helping Save World Heritage Sites Seventeen were ordered from Oz itself, 13 from Hong Kong, 11 from China and two from the UK. All but two of them exceeded the 1 megaWatt limit prescribed check it out by Australian law, even though Wheatley specifically searched for laser pointer 1 mW. According to Wheatley's results, few laser pointers actually lived up to their advertised specifications. Most, in fact, vastly exceed the 1 mW power level they are supposed to stay below. Suppliers in this market have learnt how to bypass the prohibition, he explained in the MIT web site Technology Review . The most expensive laser pointer only cost $80 (Australian), and it was the only one of the entire sample that performed as claimed and was compliant with laser safety standards, he said. I mean, it seems pretty easy to do, but this, you know, is a problem.

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