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September 5, 2014

So smooth that for a moment you forget he's giving you the it's not you, it's me' treatment." "Built around a moody piano loop and clattering groove and topped off by Bainbridge's drowsy crooning, it's one of the foremost examples of his unique aesthetic," reviews Stereogum . "This is Not About Us": Synth-pop band LANY hails from Nashville and is currently based in Los Angeles. The band's new track was self-released on September 2. "Similar to previous tracks, the lyrics for Made in Hollywood' are what dream-ridden 80s American films are made of. This is hazy indie pop at its best," writes Indietronica . The 405 writes, "It's got all the best part of a hit in the making -- synth lines that sound like they're taken straight out of the 80's paired with smooth vocals and lyrics that'll have you dreaming of cruising down the Sunset Strip in Hollywood." "Made in Hollywood": The Hype Machine's most blogged artists on September 5 at 10am GMT are: 1. Jessie Ware (no change) 2. Kindness (+7) 3. L.A.
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