Team Usa Vs. Dominican Republic Preview - Yahoo Sports

September 3, 2014

Furthermore, the Dominican Republic has failed to register more turnovers than assists in all three of their games so far. On Team USA's side of things, there aren't a huge amount of issues to iron out. But one of them is Derrick Rose . He's shot 22% from the floor over the course of the first three games, and has a whopping 2.7 turnovers to only 3.7 assists. The 2.7 steals a game are certainly redeeming, and Kim Kardashian it's not like he's cost Team USA a game, but it's pretty apparent that he's still not in top form. If there was ever a team to prove yourself against as a PG though, it's the Dominican Republic. Another player that's been mysteriously struggling is Stephen Curry . He's only shot 33% from the floor so far, and carries the same bad assist to turnover ratio that Derrick Rose does. As a moonlighting Warriors fan I've watched his game a bit more intently, and his Kim Kardashian problem definitely has to do with playing out of position.

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